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In Three Days, You'll Learn The Most Effective and Direct Method Of Hypnosis Available.

Hypnosis is far from "magical". Hypnosis is a skill you can learn and master. Direct hypnosis has one purpose: to get results. When it happens it can seem impossible but it is based on tested methods that work. The Stephens Hypnosis Method will show you how to make dramatic changes that will amaze your clients.

How you'll learn and master hypnosis.

The Direct Hypnosis Trainings

January 25th, 26th & 27th 2019

This three day training is thorough. It’s designed to increase your confidence and skill. The basic process is Instruction, Demonstration, Practice. Each of the ten steps of hypnosis is taught and explained then demonstrated and finally everyone will actively practice what was taught both as the hypnotist and the hypnosis subject.

Experiencing each step as the subject is as important as using them as the hypnotist. In this way you will experience how a successful hypnosis process should feel like. Questions are answered and feedback given.

Each step you learn adds to the whole process. The complete model is easily applied to any situation where a person wants to make a dramatic positive change in their life.

Certification and CEU Credits.

During this three day course you will earn 20 Continuing Education Units from The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. and The American College of Hypnotherapy.

When and Where.

Location: Boise Hypnosis,
4747 N Glenwood St., Ste 203
Boise, ID 83714

Date & Time: January 25th, 26th & 27th 2019
Friday – 6pm to 9pm,

Saturday – 10am to 1pm,
lunch break, 2pm to 6pm,
dinner break, 7pm t0 pm

Sunday – 10am to 1pm,
lunch break, 2pm to 6pm

Or to connect with David and call at 1-541-216-6696.

3 Ways To Join

Here is what others have done using this method of Hypnosis:

fr_09  Giving a fantasy role play gamer her wish to see elves in the park!

fr_09 Integrate hypnosis as part of life-changing coaching business.

fr_09  Helping a woman lose 10 pounds in just 9 days – the whole session took 10 minutes!

fr_09  Helping a woman whose entire shoulder had been surgically reconstructed to be pain free without drugs.

fr_09  Allowing a young lady at the park to see people’s fantasies (or so she thought) just by looking at them.

fr_09  Helping 2 people get rid of their fear of heights in 4 minutes combined.

fr_09  Helping a woman with her fear of dogs, weight loss problem, chronic insomnia, and addiction to chocolate in one session of less than 20 minutes!

Just listen to what our customers have to say…

There are three ways to secure your seat the training.

Attendance For One Person – $875.00

The cost for one person is $875.00. This will secure your seat and pay you in full. The Hypnosis Seminar, January 2019 – ONE PERSON $875.00

Attendance For Two People – Your Best Deal! -$1,000.00

The second person attending will receive have off, a savings of $750.00. By splitting the cost you will reduce your payment 25%! This is absolutely your best deal. The Hypnosis Seminar, January 2019 – TWO PEOPLE $1,000.00 (Save $750.00)

Secure Your Attendance For Only $200

This is a $200 deposit to insure no one takes your seat at the seminar. It can be applied to either the One or Two person offers. This deposit is non-refundable and full payment is due the day of the training. The Hypnosis Seminar, January 2019 – Non-Refundable Down Payment $200 (Can be applied to one or two person registration)

3 Ways To Join

Or to connect with David and call at 1-541-216-6696.