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You'll Learn POWERFUL Hypnosis

This is a very casual but fully immersive hypnosis training. You'll learn hypnosis through lecture, practice and experiencing the process.
      • Hypnosis should be FAST - No lengthy inductions.
      • Hypnosis should be Verifiable - Your client will KNOW hypnosis took place.
      • Hypnosis should be Effective - Results are noticed the FIRST session.
      • Hypnosis should be Lasting - Your client changes for good and they know it.
For more information call David Barron of Eastern Oregon Hypnosis at (541) 216-6696
"In 20 years of practicing hypnosis this is the most powerful methodology I've discovered." - David Barron

Mark It In Your Calendar

Become a Hypnotist Friday, October 28th. 5pm 9pm
Saturday, October 29th. 9am 6pm
Sunday, October 30th. 9am 4pm
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Comfort Suites Airport
2906 Vista Ave, Boise, ID 83705
Phone:(208) 472-1222
Dress Casual and come prepared to learn.
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For more information call or email David Barron at (541) 216-6696

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