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The 3 Day Hypnosis Training


This is an incredible 3 Day training where you will get hands on attention. There are three ways to secure your seat the seminar.


Attendance For One Person – $875.00

The cost for one person is $875.00. This will secure your seat and pay you in full. The Hypnosis Seminar, November 2017 – ONE PERSON $875.00

Attendance For Two People – Your Best Deal! -$1,000.00

The second person attending will receive have off, a savings of $750.00. By splitting the cost you will reduce your payment 25%! This is absolutely your best deal. The Hypnosis Seminar, November 2017 – TWO PEOPLE $1,000.00 (Save $750.00)

Secure Your Attendance For Only $200

This is a $200 deposit to insure no one takes your seat at the seminar. It can be applied to either the One or Two person offers. This deposit is non-refundable and full payment is due the day of the training. The Hypnosis Seminar, November 2017 – Non-Refundable Down Payment $200 (Can be applied to one or two person registration)

3 Ways To Join

Dear Hypnosis Enthusiast,

You may not realize it yet, but by the end of this letter you’ll find out how to become one of the most effective hypnotists alive. 

What you’ll learn is that there is a powerful difference between “trance” and Direct Hypnosis.

What is the difference?

Well… before I tell you, let me tell you first why it matters. First, there are a lot of things that can happen in “trance”, but when things happen in REAL hypnosis, they happen quickly, powerfully and permanently. Most so-called hypnotists are very good at creating trance… they may even have some results in helping people…. but many have never successfully achieved REAL hypnosis.

Trance vs. Direct Hypnosis

Trance and Direct Hypnosis are both pleasant experiences. The difference is that trance has a broad, disassociated, generalized focus. Direct Hypnosis, on the other hand, is a highly associated state that is single-minded to a laser focus. It is so intensely focused that it makes real changes at the subconscious level. That is the difference that makes ALL the difference.

Trance can be effective at changing people… for as long as the trance lasts. That means it can last hours, days, weeks or even a lifetime. One of the best example of trance is affirmations. Affirmations work as long as you are in the trance that affirmation is creating. So to create permanent change using trance, it must be a VERY effective trance.

The Direct Hypnosis Seminar will show you the secret to creating genuine hypnosis, that laser-like focus that is so intense that it alters ALL the subconscious processes needed to make real change, and make it permanent. That’s right, you will learn to change ALL the necessary subconscious processes that it takes to get the job done, and make it happen faster than you ever thought possible.

So which would you rather do, put someone into trance (and hope for the best) or use powerful Direct Hypnosis?

For me the answer is obvious!

How powerful is Direct Hypnosis?

I don’t hesitate to tell you that Direct Hypnosis can be used for anything … good or bad. You can help people (that’s a good thing) or hurt people (that’s a bad thing). Face it, if you can instruct someone that they will never be able to see blue automobiles you are guaranteeing they will have an automobile accident. Don’t do it!

Yes, you will learn how to create REAL hallucinations and you will learn how to make those hallucinations life-long if you need them to be.

Direct Hypnosis is the “old school” hypnosis that people have feared (and revered) for centuries. It’s also the type of hypnosis that most hypnotists want to deny it’s real.

What is most amazing about Direct Hypnosis is how simple and fast it is. It can be done in a very (VERY) simple ten-step process.

That means it can be done with no rapport building (rapport is instantaneous and automatic when you know what your doing), no NLP, no 6 month certification class…. and you can learn it in a weekend training with me on Saturday and Sunday.

Do you want to change someones beliefs? You’ll learn how to permanently change any belief. You also learn how to alter a persons self-image. That is a belief change that will alter EVERY aspect of their life. (So, please, be kind and make them feel good about themselves).

Direct Hypnosis is like a hand grenade, it’s simple enough that anyone can use it and in the wrong hands can be very frightening.

The Good News

One of the best aspects of the Direct Hypnosis seminar is that you will learn how to change people for the better. I’m talking REAL change work that is fast, effective and forever. They will love you for it and pay you loads of money to do.

Keep in mind that most hypnosis trainings only show you how to hypnotize (or, more than likely, just create trance) but they don’t show you how to do real change work. That is a HUGE difference. With Direct Hypnosis, doing the change work is just as easy as putting them into hypnosis. (Yes, I’m absolutely serious.)

I’ve been using Direct Hypnosis effectively (and in a good way) for over 20 years. I’ve published several books about hypnosis, influence and mind control under the pen name Dantalion Jones.

Together Jeff and I will make sure… absolutely sure… you have every step of Direct Hypnosis as a part of your repertoire.

The Only Deal I Will Give You…

This is a training that I will normally charge $875.00. But IF two people sign up the second person will get in at half price. A total $1,312.50. If two people sign up now, the total will save you $437.50!!!

That is just one of the reasons to reserve your seat now, before someone else beats you to it. If you aren’t one of these 10 people, you will simply miss out on this seminar.

On Sunday we will prove to you how powerful Direct Hypnosis is by heading out to the streets and doing it on complete strangers … (don’t worry they will love you for it!)

3 Ways To Join

Here are just a few ideas that you can do with Direct Hypnosis:
  • fr_09Giving a fantasy role play gamer her wish to see elves in the park!
  • fr_09Helping a woman lose 10 pounds in just 9 days – the whole session took 10 minutes!
  • fr_09Helping a woman whose entire shoulder had been surgically reconstructed to be pain free without drugs.
  • fr_09Allowing a young lady at the park to see people’s fantasies (or so she thought) just by looking at them.
  • fr_09Helping 2 people get rid of their fear of heights in 4 minutes combined.
  • fr_09Helping a woman with her fear of dogs, weight loss problem, chronic insomnia, and addiction to chocolate in one session of less than 20 minutes!
“Five Good Reasons To Attend The Mind Control Hypnosis Seminar”

Reason Number One: You’ll learn how to determine who is a somnambulist and who isn’t. (It’s so easy you’ll laugh your butt off).

Reason Number Two: You’ll learn how to make hypnosis happen and not just induce trance. (Seriously, there is big difference and no one else teaches it.)

Reason Number Three: You’ll learn how to make ANY hypnotic phenomena happen within 10 minutes ( Wouldn’t it be amazing to create amnesia, hallucination, negative hallucinations, belief change, and more?)

Reason Number Four: You’ll learn how to make ANY form of change work so that it’s quick and dramatic and powerful. (You’ll learn weight loss, smoking cessation, phobia cure, pain management, the whole nine yards.)
Reason Number Five: You’ll see the power of Mind Control Hypnosis done on strangers, people completely unprepared for hypnosis.

3 Ways To Join